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All proceeds go to A Place To Be(ad) Me


Internationally known Fine Jeweler, Susan Foster has turned her hand to creating 18k yellow gold faceted beads for the children’s art therapy non-profit she founded, A Place To Bead Me. 100% of the profits are donated immediately to the charity. 

Additionally, as a result of this initiative, children are personally being taught how to create meaning jewelry with glass beads and semi precious stones. These geometric solid gold beads are designed in free form, to represent a child’s uninhibited mind— and their unique intellect is represented by precious materials utilized in the production process. 

Akin to the geometric bead that has many facets, children have multiple layers to their personality, due to their trauma and turbulent home life; and depth, intensity and importance of these facets lies at the very heart of A Place To Be(ad) Me. 

Sacred Geometry is a huge source of inspiration to Susan Foster, the symbolic meaning to individual shapes and proportions fuels her daily creative process; and as a result, this collection is a personal and meaningful project for the designer. It also reinforces the mantra that A Place to Be(ad) Me is a sacred space for the affected and the traumatized, where children can create, design and learn. And, above all, move forward with their lives feeling unencumbered. 

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