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We are a group of individuals, positive change-makers, dedicated to shifting the life trajectory of children who have experienced domestic emotional trauma and are consequently more vulnerable to various forms of dysfunction, victimization, or socially developmental impediments. We endeavor to build their resilience, equip them with self esteem, and help improve their emotional development through exposure to creativity and positive mentorship. 


A Place To Be(ad) Me is an artistic safe haven for children and young teenagers from home environments experiencing upheaval, such as a divorce, separation, domestic violence, or other traumatic events. We provide a unique place where our youth can create and dream, grow and build, and become autonomous individuals outside of the stressors in their family. Studies show that even the most resilient children are deeply impacted by a dramatic change in their caretakers’ lives, leading to anxiety, poor school performance, and lessened self-confidence. However, children are less likely to feel these impacts, of course, if the exposure to such conflict and stress in the home is limited. We lessen those impacts by providing a happy, positive, trauma-free environment where children are given the attention to flourish and thrive.


Our jewelry making classes are taught by skilled social workers and creative professionals. Children learn to express themselves through beading, and jewelry making.

Starting with just one bead and its unique beauty, beading is a recognized form of therapy. The process of creating and expressing can elevate you to a higher sense of consciousness and understanding - transforming you to a place of healing, peace and creativity.

The children who participate in our jewelry making curriculum find the process relaxing and rewarding. The textures of materials such as beads, strings and charms combined with soothing repetitive motions ease a distracted child’s mind and lower his or her stress levels.

Our jewelry classes encourage budding creatives to create tangible objects that fully express and explore their individual styles.


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